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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool #3 Embed a Video and Dropbox

Wow!  I had so much fun finding a video to embed.  I chose Gotta Keep Reading since I love teaching reading to my students!  I found this video on YouTube.  I ran into trouble embedding the Aggie War Hymn so I will be asking for help from one of my co-workers.  I enjoy using Discovery Education for many of our second grade units.  

Copyright:  I was happy to learn that teachers are allowed to use videos and images from the internet for educational purposes!  Teachers need all the help and support they can get to help students learn!

I started a Dropbox account and started loading pictures for our second grade biography unit.  I need more guidance on how to get the images to the Dropbox.  I did it, but I think there might be an easier way to do it than what I did.

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